[tap tap] Is this thing on?

•September 5, 2012 • Leave a Comment

So I’ve considered blogging again over the course of the past few years and I’ve decided, with some much appreciated encouragement from a certain awesome someone that it would be a great idea.

So here I am. Welcome back!

I figured we’d dive right in, so here’s nothing. Life nowadays is a lot of work (politics, woo!), some play, and not enough travel. This week has been kind of crappy on the work front where we’ve lost a couple of really big things on the ballot that progressives and the good people of my state were looking forward to, but alas, they are not to be this year.

However, how can one stay focused on the shitty parts of the week when you have FLOTUS Michelle Obama and my hometown mayor, Julian Castro giving phenomenal speeches at the DNC in Charlotte this week? I’ll admit, I cried watching the speeches last night. When they played the Teddy Kennedy tribute video I’ll admit I bawled. Good thing the roommates weren’t there because it was an ugly cry; not so much for the man but the fact that without him leading the charge, we very well may not have passed health care reform in 2009/2010. So, so, so proud to have been a part of that historic fight up in NoDak. So I’m looking forward to two more days of awesomeness tonight and tomorrow.

Also worth celebrating this week is the fact that my favorite band, Stars, is out with a new album that I cannot get enough of! I have tickets to a show in October that I am very much looking forward to, and I hope that I will have had the opportunity to listen to The North the requisite ten million times by then. If you, too, would like a listen, head over to NPR where they’re streaming it all day, everyday… Or you could just go BUY it. It’s well worth it.

And with that, I bid you adieu ’til later!


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